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Stretching is typically the easiest yet least fun part of exercising. It’s the most effective method of increasing the body’s flexibility for athletes, dancers, seniors, or anyone who exercises regularly. Different techniques are proven to increase the body’s range of motion safely.

Warm Up the Muscles

Putting heat on the muscles helps to stimulate the nervous and cardiovascular systems. The flow of blood is increased to the muscles, which reduces stiffness and soreness. The muscles are looser and less stiff, making bending in various shapes and making agile movements easier.

Stretch Regularly

Stretching the limbs is recommended to increase the range of flexibility. This activity can loosen muscles from under the arms to the backs of thighs to the toes and fingers. The primary purpose is to reduce muscle stiffness, but stretching also improves one’s posture and reduces the severity of an injury.

Practice Different Types of Stretching

Static stretching is most commonly performed while remaining in one position for several seconds or minutes. Dynamic stretching uses repetitive movements, such as moving the limbs in circles while standing still, to increase one’s range of motion further. People who practice dynamic stretches move faster while worrying less about developing an injury.

Perform Stretching Routines

Increasing flexibility should involve a routine of stretching. It helps to use various tools, such as medicine balls and resistance bands, to perform static and dynamic stretches. Some people stretch with partners or use chairs or other inanimate objects to assist in their routines.

Stretch Safely

It’s possible to injure oneself when stretching a muscle too hard or stretching too often. This often occurs when the muscle is being overstretched for too long and too hard. Stretching should be done before a hard routine but not immediately afterward, and it’s never wise to stretch an injured part of the body.

Increasing one’s flexibility is a few leaps forward in every personal fitness routine. Any well-developed athlete or fitness guru cannot go far without stretching their muscles regularly. Otherwise, they could barely walk after completing every routine. There are plenty of simple to advanced exercises that can be performed regularly to improve movements.