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Jonathan Pollen

Health & Fitness


Jonathan Pollen is a seasoned protective services expert based in London. With a background in and the British Army and a keen rugby player, he is also passionate about health and physical fitness. Jonathan finds that he is able to gather most of the health and fitness information that he needs from online by researching fitness blogs and specific fitness training videos online that provide expert health and fitness advice, as well as curated products designed to help you reach peoples fitness goals. 

From a young age, Jonathan’s parents instilled in him the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. He grew up playing football and competitive rugby—even travelling as far as New Zealand for a rugby tour. Now, Jonathan follows a routine of bodyweight training to increase his mobility combined with weight training to build muscle mass as well as going on at least two runs or long cycles per week for cardiovascular exercise. He believes that working out and maintaining your health and fitness is good for both the body and mind. 

When he’s not working, Jonathan Pollen still enjoys playing or watching rugby and or football. He is also a keen cricket player and enjoys taking trips to ski and snowboard resorts in Europe. He regularly travels to ski resorts in France such as Chamonix and other local resorts which provide a gateway to other large ski areas, to hit the slopes. In addition to his ski trips, Jonathan is a frequent traveller, a pastime that he has enjoyed for decades. To this day, New Zealand was one of his favourite places to visit, along with Argentina, a trip he took with his brother at 18 years old. 

Jonathan Pollen, based in the UK, London, is a Risk and Protective Service advisor. He possesses almost a decade of experience in the Security and Risk Advisory Industry, as well as military experience, and is a highly accomplished security professional. Jonathan has worked to build a global network of risk advisors who are able to mitigate risk, and resolve clients security needs by providing threat and risk assessments, security training, and facility and asset protection. 

Before he entered into the protective services industry, Jonathan Pollen served in the Parachute Regiment, one of the most elite branches of the HM Armed Forces Infantry. Upon leaving the HM Armed Forces he felt the natural next step in his career led to the risk advisory industry. His first job outside of the HM Armed Forces was working for a variety of risk management companies as a Security Consultant. For these roles, Jonathan was tasked with protecting and guarding war correspondents working for major news corporations in war-torn areas and extreme high-threat hostile environments.

Security and risk mitigation is what Jonathan Pollen does best—he has survived working in extremely hostile environments and understands what it takes to work under pressure and what its like to be out of your comfort zone stuck in the thick of it being pushed to your mentally and physical limits whilst continuously being tested. At one point in his career, he was providing security for a group of businessmen in an extremely hostile environment when they were involved in a road traffic incident. While the businessmen were shocked, confused and were not sure how to react, Jonathan had the necessary skills to respond quickly and get them out of the vehicle they were in and into an area where they were protected and safe until the situation could be assessed and then quickly head back to the safety of their accommodation.


To learn more about Jonathan and his experience with health and fitness, make sure to read his blog.