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When most homeowners consider home security, the common barrier is cost. Fortunately, as technologies evolve, you have more options for protecting your home, belongings, and family that fit well within your budget. Here are three options for home security devices that are effective and affordable.

Security Lights

Believe it or not, a simple light bulb can deter most criminals from breaking into your home. Seeing a dark house gives burglars and other criminals a sense of confidence. You can find a nice range of smart lightbulbs for less than $10 that are programmed to turn on and off according to timers. Set up a few of these throughout your house to give the impression that someone is home, just make sure that your curtains and blinds or closed. You don’t want to give away your secret.

Fake Security Cameras

Fake security cameras were once very popular when true home security began to emerge on the market, and you can still find these clever home security devices for very little money. Today’s models look even more realistic and modern in design. Even the most seasoned criminal has a hard time figuring out if the camera is real or fake. You can spend as little as $20 on a set of four fake security cameras.

Cameras for Inside Your Home

Unfortunately, it’s not always complete strangers who threaten the safety and security of your home. Security cameras for inside your home keep you on top of any theft or damage by contractors, babysitters, and others who may have legitimate reasons to be there. Even the more affordable indoor security cameras provide you with excellent performance and features that keep you on top of what is happening.

Home Security Sensors

Every home security system relies on sensors that are placed around doors and windows. You can find similar home security devices for about $20 to provide some basic security for your home. The kits come with an app that allows you to monitor for any breaches. These are best suited for smaller homes and apartments, but you can find larger sets on the market. The systems are very easy to use, wireless, and run on WiFi or Bluetooth.