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If you have a rigid work schedule or a busy life, a full-body workout will benefit you. The only thing you need to do is to set apart 30 minutes of your time to exercise. Typically, the workout targets arrays of muscles in your body at once. Hence, you can achieve stability and strength with sheer simplicity. Here are exercises that you can do for a full-body workout session.

Single-Leg Deadlift

Single-leg deadlift targets your back, arms, legs, and back. You need a kettlebell to give you some weight as you exercise. To execute the workout, you should stand with your feet at hip-width apart and parallel. The next step is to lean forward at the hip, which will transfer body weight to one leg. Then, you can let your other leg hinge behind as your body forms a T shape. The exercise boosts your body strength and balance.

Sumo Squats

Sumo squats are the best for overall body stability. The full-body workout places a lot of emphasis on your inner thighs. You can start by spreading legs a foot wider than the typical squats. As you squat down, avoid sticking your butt out. Squeeze your glutes while standing up and keep your knees wide apart.

Split Squats

If you want to build muscle, strengthen your body, and attain balance, split squats will suit you. Split squats are great for versatility and mobility as they target your quads. The exercise also focuses on your quadriceps, core, and glutes. You need to get into a lunge position as you squat up and down, bending both knees. Exhale as you straighten your legs slowly.


Planks are effective in working out your lower and upper body. They also fire up your core to attain body stability. Using your forearms, you need to hold your body utilizing the push-up position. Engage your core and avoid sticking your butt out in the air. For starters, 30 seconds will do then you can add to more minutes. Planks are great for abs, shoulders, back, and biceps.

Try the reverse plank for your lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and obliques. From a sitting position put your heels in front of you and your hands under your shoulders.