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Exercises and an active lifestyle have a variety of benefits, including those that are health related. With so many individuals suffering from lifestyle diseases, it is essential to undertake mitigation measures to ensure the individuals get healthy. High-intensity interval training, also known as high-intensity intermittent exercise, has been in place for individuals who needed intensive training to help them stay in shape and shed off unwanted fats.

The high-intensity resistance training (HIRT), which borrows from High-intensity interval training with a slight variation, is a much slower version of the HIIT. It allows an individual to have more control over their body movements and integrate intentionality with it. It also involves the use of varying weights to achieve more repetitions. Some of the benefits of taking part in HIRT include the following:

Increases Strength and Lean Muscle
Individuals who engage in HIRT have the advantage of gaining more lean muscle, which is much denser and stronger. The exercise routine helps in stimulating hypertrophy and ensures individuals benefit by having a slim muscular body.

Increases the oxidation of fat
The High-Intensity Resistance exercises help the participants increase the amounts of energy they spend when resting. This action, in turn, heightens the burning of fats in the body to increase oxidation levels. The HIRT exercises also help improve the Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), which effectively tackles any stored fat.

Helps in developing Strong bones
Individuals who participate in high-intensity resistance training have the benefits of developing strong bones from the exercises. HIRT workouts are instrumental in the maintenance of bone density while protecting participants from Osteoporosis.

Muscular Endurance
Building muscular endurance is one of the most common objectives of individuals who are participating in exercises. HIRT helps individuals in building this endurance due to the high number of repetitive movements that they undertake. In turn, it helps improve the body’s capacity to stay in motion for extended periods.

Weight loss
With the rising number of overweight individuals, the risk of getting lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure is increasing. Engaging in High-Intensity Resistance Training helps in weight loss programs, especially when doubled with diet programs.